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Coming Fall/Winter 2008

and the Intervention to Treat the Alcholism of George W. Bush

A deadly serious, exhilarating first-person psychological thriller destined to command a unique place among the upcoming analyses of the 43rd United States Presidency.

Leadership psychologist, Dr. Mark Alter is secretly retained to help United States President George W. Bush address a clandestine addiction to alcohol and reverse the course of the Iraq War. The assignment meets with astonishing success — until malevolent forces come into play.
An eerily accurate portrayal of the 42nd president emerges. Dr. Alter also engages in cathartic marriage counseling sessions with First Lady Laura Bush, and heated arguments with Vice President Dick Cheney and political strategist Karl Rove.

The novel's realism stems from Wareham's lifetime of experience as confidential counselor to corporate leaders, and meticulous research into the psyche of George W. Bush. Through Dr. Alter, Wareham presents balanced, authentic insights into perhaps the most tragic president in modern times. In all, this is a brilliantly original psychological journey, whose cliffhanger ending will satisfy mystery lovers, literary sophisticates, and political junkies from both sides of the aisle.


"A 'what if' novel wrapped in layers of reality, offers an unnerving "case study" of alcoholism in the White House. We enter a series of psychological and forensic intelligence forays engendered by the US Secret Service along with a certain Dr. Mark Alter, leadership psychologist and wizard at "coaching" damaged CEOs into restoring their acumen and performance. In this case, however, the patient is none other than President George W. Bush. Wareham's 231-page book is a winner." -Jess Maghan / Christian Science Monitor.


"Profound, universal insights within fine literature. The President's Therapist will be remembered long after our 43rd Commander in Chief has been forgotten." - Dr. Brian Sutton-Smith, Columbia University professor of psychology, author of The Ambiguity of Play.