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How to Break Out of Prison

John Wareham leads a double life. Four days a week he identifies and develops leaders for major international corporations. On the fifth day he heads to some of the world's toughest prisons to teach Taking Wings, the life altering class that he created for the inmates.
To his surprise, John found that many of the negative thinking patterns that led to the incarceration of his students were also pervasive among executives, undermining their careers and private lives. Now, lacing dramatic real-life stories with penetrating insights, John shows how individuals from every walk of life become trapped in mental prisons, and then reveals precisely how to break free and create the life they were meant to live.

"A great book-a savvy, inspirational almanac for chiefs and saints, charlatans and convicts, and everyone in between."--Professor Eli M. Noam, Columbia Business School

"Invigorating writing...bold ideas...charm...intricate logic...a fresh perspective."--Library Journal

"Showcases John Wareham's gift for unlocking the mind and showing us how to live the life of our deepest dreams. It is a wise, witty truly transformational work that everyone should read."--Kevin Roberts, Worldwide Chief Executive, Saatchi & Saatchi

"A revelatory, moving, insightful, ingenious, canny, life-altering work, uniquely honed in the disparate corridors of money and power, hope and despair."--Dr. Howard Frank, Dean of the Maryland Business School

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