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Zap Your Inner Demons

and create the life your heart deserves

'All prisons are mental prisons. They lock from the inside and you hold the key, so only you can let yourself out—but you can let yourself out,' says John Wareham. He exposes the inner demons—the zombie, the snake, the gremlin and the witch—who lock you inside four walls, then he shares a fail-proof Breakout Plan that delivers a whole new life.

John Wareham is leadership coach to celebrated corporate chiefs and maximum security prison inmates. He is author of How to Break Out of Prison. Rikers denizens dubbed him 'the Wizard of Cell Block C76.'


'An eye-opening life-changer for every upward striver.' Richard Habersham, Harlem U.S. Congressional contender, star of Spike Lee's movie, Do the Right Thing.

''Truly transformational; this escape route sure worked for me.'
Brian O'Dea, Author, HIGH: Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler.