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'Freudian Slip': Bush Decries Invasion of 'Iraq'– Not 'Ukraine'

What happened during a speech at the presidential center in Dallas on May 19th 2022 was like a scene from John Wareham's 2008 bestelling metafictional novel The President's Therapist and the secret intervention to treat the alcholism of George W. Bush. In a line meant to criticize Vladimir Putin, former President George W. Bush 'accidentally' switched 'Ukraine' with 'Iraq'. In so doing, he effectively admitted that the U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq was 'wholly unjustified and brutal'. Here is the Freudian slip: 

"Russian elections are rigged . . . The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine."

Did An Alcoholic U.S. President Lead America to War?

The answer, is a resounding Yes, according to the President's Therapist and this Washington Watch video, where experts reveal the tell-tale symptoms of masked alcoholism.


In this startling Washington Watch video, John Wareham, author of The President's Therapist (and the secret intervention to treat the alcoholism of George W. Bush), details key items of research that lead to this diagnosis, and set him to writing the book. 

Malachy McCourt, former New York State candidate for Governor (and himself a recovering alcoholic) speaks out forcefully, expressing absolutely no doubt.

University professor Charles DeFanti suggests that John Wareham's 'metafictional' reporting on this tragedy is likely the result of inside sources with inside knowledge.


To view the 3-minute Washington Watch report, click here now


President's Therapist Reveals Why Leaders Wage 'Unwinnable' Wars

In predicting the defeat of America in Iraq and Afghanistan, John Wareham's metafictional thriller also foreshadowed Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

In the course of a chance White House meeting president's therapist Dr. Mark Alter tempted presidential adviser Karl Rove into confessing the secret reasons for a leader to declare apparently 'crazy and unwinnable' wars.

Insurgents within the White House had retained Dr. Alter to persuade President Bush to address his addiction to alcohol and end the war in Iraq.

That project initially met with astonishing success. But malevolent forces came into play, and, fearing for his life, Dr. Alter posted a YouTube video, which can be viewed here now.

Happily for history, the full saga, including the unvarnished conversation between Rove and Alter was reported in John Wareham's bestseller The President's Therapist. Publication of the book resulted in another death threat, a very real one, to author John Wareham.   


To read Dr. Alter's full, uncensored report of that conversation, click here now


To view or purchase The President's Therapist on Amazon, click here now

Nixon-Kissinger Advice Spawned Putin-Trump Lies

'Great leaders must be great liars'

 Read this uncensored defence of lying, taken from a report of a late-night meeting and conversation between Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, and Chandler 'Chancey' Haste. 


As reported by John Wareham in the metafictional novel, Chancey On Top.


President Nixon and Dr. Kissinger wholeheartedly agree on the need for 'noble' lies, when declaring politically unpopular wars. 

"A lie is just another way of telling the truth," said Dr. Kissinger.

"But do noble lies have a place in personal life, too?" said Chandler Haste.
"Of course, Chancey," said President Nixon.  "A man who won't lie to his wife has very little consideration for her feelings. "And, anyway, women intuitively understand the need to sprinkle extra sugar where the tart is burned."
"So the best liars are the best human beings," said Dr. Kissinger.

An ironic line, which may apply to Donald Trump himself, but which may have passed him by, comes from President Nixon, "The punishment for the outstanding liar is that he ultimately can't believe anyone."



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