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EXPOSED: How a Lost Boy Bucked the System and Found His Voice

A distinguished Manhattan-based maverick accepts an invitation to share 'a few inspiring words' with a visiting class from his former New Zealand high school, where sexual abuse was an open secret, and sadistic masters ran rife. How much truth should he share?
With unerring wisdom and dark wit, John Wareham revisits the swirling inner life of a child with a crippling stutter, whose emotional, sexual and spiritual journeys pass through rivers of despair in New Zealand, to a flood of enlightenment in New York.


'Unputdownable--a passionate Kiwi Catcher in the Rye.' - Charles DeFanti, Professor of Literature, Kean University.

'Brilliant and compelling ... reveals the mind, heart and soul of boyhood ... touched
me deeply.' - Brian O'Dea, author, High: Confessions of An International Drug Smuggler