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EXPOSED: How a Lost Boy Bucked the System and Found His Voice

A distinguished Manhattan-based maverick accepts an invitation to share 'a few inspiring words' with a visiting class from his former New Zealand high school, where sexual abuse was an open secret, and sadistic masters ran rife. How much truth should he share?
With unerring wisdom and dark wit, John Wareham revisits the swirling inner life of a child with a crippling stutter, whose emotional, sexual and spiritual journeys pass through rivers of despair in New Zealand, to a flood of enlightenment in New York.


'Unputdownable--a Kiwi Catcher in the Rye.' - Charles DeFanti, Professor of Literature, Kean University.

'Brilliant and compelling ... reveals the mind, heart and soul of boyhood ... touched
me deeply.' - Brian O'Dea, author, High: Confessions of An International Drug Smuggler


“Victims abide at both ends of a gun. Bullets fly to the heart and from the heart. Wounds that exist before the pulling of the trigger are the wellspring of crime and the font of redemption.“ -- John Wareham,
Chairman & CEO Eagles Foundation
That’s the lofty mission of the Eagles Prison Program. But is that just a pipe dream? Judge for yourself as maximum security prison inmates share their journeys from innocence to criminality, arrest to bewilderment, conviction to incarceration, despair to hope, defeat to victory, vice to virtue, and lawlessness to love.

“To pen a prison poem is to unlock the cage along with the heart. This deft collection sparks a potent reciprocity of spirit as one harkens to the sound of wings in the night.” --Professor Jess Maghan—Director, Forum for Comparative Correction

“Blood & tears, sorrows & regrets—every heart-stopping moment is captured & freely shared by healing desperados: I love this book.” Brian O’Dea—Author, HIGH: Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler

SONNETS FOR SINNERS: Everything One Needs to Know About Illicit Love

A Life Changer for Anyone Trapped in a Love Triangle

In this startling Pulitzer nominated anthology of forty nine sonnets, hidden meanings and insights are unveiled by John Wareham, who also distills and dissects sonnets from the infamous Charles and Camilla cell phone conversation, lines from Diana Spencer, the text messages that trapped Tiger Woods, e-mailed love missives from the Mark Sanford Appalachian Trail affair, and transcripts from the John and Elizabeth Edwards meltdown. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary also make cameo appearances.

These lessons from these pop-culture personalities, appear within a mix of classic and modern poets—from the sublime William Shakespeare to the incandescent Elan Haverford—chronicle the typical journey from attraction and fever to anguish and enlightenment. A forbidden drama unfolds in just twelve lines, then a two-line heroic couplet delivers a startling message, a veritable epiphany.

To absorb this startling compilation is to share the delights and despairs of a stunning phalanx of brilliant poets, including ardent Mary Wroth, mordant Michael Drayton, shameless Alfred Douglas, mystical W. B. Yeats, rebellious Edna St. Vincent Millay, unrepentant Edna Worthley Underwood, and puckish Chandler Haste.

and the secret intervention to treat the alcoholism of George W. Bush.

Leadership psychologist, Dr. Mark Alter is secretly retained to help United States President George W. Bush address a clandestine addiction to alcohol and reverse the course of the Iraq War. The assignment meets with astonishing success — until malevolent forces come into play.

The novel’s eerie realism stems from Wareham’s lifetime of experience as confidential counselor to corporate leaders, and his meticulous research into the psyche of George W. Bush. Through Dr. Alter, Wareham shares presents balanced, authentic insights into perhaps the most tragic president in modern times, and shows precisely how his presidency might have been rescued.

"A deadly serious, exhilarating first-person psychological thriller destined to command a unique place among the upcoming analyses of the 43rd United States Presidency."

--John Weber, CEO, Welcome Rain Publishers, LLC.
"A 'what if' novel wrapped in layers of reality that offers an unnerving case study or alcoholism in the White House. We enter a series of psychological and forensic inteligence forays engendered by the U.S. Secret Service, along with a certain Doctor Mark Alter, leadership psychologist and wizard at "coaching" damaged CEO's into restoring their acumen and performance. In this case, however, the patient is none other than President George W. Bush.



On the day his big time ambitions seem about to be realized, Chandler “Chancey” Haste glances into the rearview mirror of the limousine that bears him across Manhattan’s Triboro Bridge and catches the reflection of a scorching affair from his past overleaping oceans to engulf him...

 The story begins with a backward glance to a bouncing check and a reckless antipodean infatuation. It sweeps through marbled World Trade Center offices where the sweet life seems utterly assured. It ends in the shadows of a murky English mansion where the hero discovers the price of ambition, the value of love, and the meaning of dreams.

"Philosophically savvy, hilarious, whimsical--inspired."

--Kirkus Reviews

"Stunning...ardent...strange and affecting. An unusual spin on a love triangle--an exploration of moral quandaries and the passionate heights of sensual love from leadership consultant John Wareham, whose writing is assured throughout."

--Publishers Weekly
"...ranks among the finest novels ." --New York Observer


"All prisons are mental prisons.
They lock from the inside.
You lock yourself in,
and you own the key,
so only you can let yourself out."

--John Wareham

For ten years, John Wareham, author of the best-selling Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter, has been leading a double life. Four days a week he identifies and develops leaders for major international corporations. On the fifth day he heads to some of New York's toughest prisons to teach the life-altering class that he created for the inmates.

To his surprise, John found that many of the negative thinking patterns that led to the incarceration of his students were also pervasive among executives, undermining their careers and private lives. Now, lacing dramatic real-life stories with penetrating insights, John shows how individuals from every walk of life become trapped in mental prisons, and then reveals precisely how to break free and create the life you were meant to live.

"A revelatory, moving, insightful, ingenious, canny, life-altering work."

---- Dr. Howard Frank,
Dean, Maryland Business School

"A great book-a savvy, inspirational almanac for chiefs and saints, charlatans and convicts, and everyone in between."

--Professor Eli M. Noam,
Columbia Business School


The Anatomy of a Great Executive

"An astonishing, accessible tour de force of the human psyche...”
-Bernard Berkowitz, Ph.D. clinical psychologist, author, How to Be Your Own Best Friend

The classic 13-language text isolates all the components of the great executive, offers an acute all-encompassing intellectual model for separating those who seem great from those who are great--then shows the reader how to invest life with the kind of meaning from which true greatness springs, and becomes a beacon for business life and personal dreams.

Learn how to:
--Penetrate the executive mask
--"Size up" virtually anyone, quickly and accurately
--Become a truly great executive yourself

Wareham's Basic Business Types

"Wareham has eyes that see everything, an amazing amount of knowledge, and superb sense of humor--but don't expect rose-tinted glasses." Letitia Baldridge

A wise, witty, spellbinding compendium of personality profiles that reveals who wins and who loses in the corporate world, and why. Whether you are in business, whether for pleasure, power, or profit, or some combination of all three, be certain to discover yourself dissected; your own failings, foibles, and fears laid out alongside those of your clients, colleagues, and competitors.