"All prisons are mental prisons. They lock from the inside and you own the key, so only you can let yourself out." John Wareham, How to Break Out of Prison


The love of power is the disease of narcissists. Don't confuse power with wisdom and greatness. Don't think that because you have power, you also have wisdom. Wealth and power stem mostly from luck. Greatness, however, is the result of goodness, daring, and discipline.
The President's Therapist.

Leadership is about persuading people to assemble masonry beneath your dreams. Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter.

A leader without a dream is a bureaucrat. Ibid

Power isolates and absolute power isolates completely. Ibid

We can only share what we create. Ibid.

It is just about impossible for truly incompetent people to accept the real reasons for their incompetence. Ibid.

If you’re already agonizing whether you should fire an employee the answer is, Yes. Ibid.

No matter how rich or successful you are, no matter how clever or crafty, the fate of your business rests in the hands of the people you hire. The Anatomy of a Great Executive.

Success requires the presence of many qualities, whereas failure springs from the absence of merely one. Ibid.

Fate’s a puppeteer
And money’s his string
And the dangling profiteer
Is a slave and not a king
Chancey On Top.

Building a business
Is jumping through hoops
And keeping top players
Keyed into the loops

The termination theater’s full of strife
So mind how you wield the knife
Or the very punctuation
Intended for the patient
May redound to claim a clumsy surgeon’s life.

Wareham Wit & Wisdom


Impaled upon the crucifix of illicit love, sinners discover themselves between two thieves--guilt and desire. Sonnets for Sinners

If we are to sin, we must sin bravely. Illicit love is a blind leap, a spontaneous act, a headlong fall. Perfect judgment is impossible. Devil-may-care audacity is everything. Ibid

Love is a game that two can play and both can win. But illicit love is a dangerous romp that all too often ends in tragedy. Ibid

In love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.Ibid

Self-delusion can be vital when city a soul mate. Ibid

True love is as innately spiritual as the journey that reveals it. Chancey On Top

If love is the name of a question
Then romance is a place in sky
Delight is a wicked, wayward glance
And bliss is mote in the eye

It’s the ability to love capriciously that distinguishes man from the animals. Ibid

Eroticism often arrives late at its own banquet. Ibid

All the angels in the universe can be found dancing upon the head of a penis. Ibid

No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a higher opinion of him than he deserves. Ibid

A man who won’t lie to his wife has very little consideration for her feelings. Ibid

Psychologically speaking, many people feel attracted to a person who offers the least possibility of a harmonious union. This means that there’s just one woman whom fate has destined for each of us, and if we miss her, well, we’re saved. Ibid

Fidelity is a virtue peculiar to those about to be betrayed. Ibid

I will swallow strong pills
To conquer love’s ills
And rid you at last from my thoughts
You will pass from my brain
And that tortured membrane
Will suffer no further onslaughts


On the 2nd Inauguration
of George W Bush

From heaven we look down upon your tongue
And ponder on past promises eclipsed
As sychophantic aides you strut among
Who hail your empty words and arrant quips.
For flowers were never strewn at our feet
And siren songs for us were never sung;
Our mission met a deadlier drumbeat
As vaunted claims of conquest came unstrung.
Yet still you swagger, surly as you bleat,
Propped by opulent puppeteers galore,
As fawning, fulsome phrases of defeat,
Come wafting from your acquiescent jaw.
Those words hang briefly in the air, like chaff,
But your lies will rise as your epitaph.
The President's Therapist

Stages and Cages

All prisons are mental prisons. They lock from the inside and you hold the key, so only you can let yourself out. How to Break Out of Prison.

I saw the bars behind his eyes
And immediately reached for my pliers
But the threw his hands before his face
Those bars are permanently in place,
He cried, to keep out thieves and liars

The idea that there is only life, us, and limited time to enjoy ourselves can seem demeaning and frightening to many. Ibid.

Life is less a matter of discovering ourselves than creating ourselves. Ibid.

Being who we are is the key to becoming better than we are. Ibid.

Self-acceptance is the first rung on the ladder of self-realization. Self-reliance is the second. Connection to others is the third. After that you’re on your own. Ibid.

What’s happening is happening because it is happening and because that’s the way humans are and because the moment is all there is and because fleeting moments will fleet—and Carpe Diem and die. Chancey On Top.

It is easier, perhaps, for a man to have a son than for a son to have a father. Maybe a boy wants something altogether too special from his father—something that can’t be given, something that has to be seized. Maybe fathers and sons are natural enemies and each is happier and more secure in keeping it that way. Ibid.

To see what you look like asleep, sir, stand in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. Ibid.

Every young person is immortal for a limited time. Ibid.

If all else fails, immortality can be assured by a spectacular error.Ibid.

The Recognition I Deserve

Upon ruminating the mystery
In my staggering run of rotten luck,
And mulling my puzzling history
Of shining dreams reduced to sullen muck,
I conjured surly saboteurs corrupt,
Who schemed, alas, to scuttle every goal,
Invoking cunning curses to disrupt
The stars that held my fortune in control.
Then a plaintiff entered my reflection
Whose inverted visage made me shiver,
For the eyeballs that coerced connection
Condemned the countenance in my mirror.
Yet if I’m creator of all my strife
I can also fashion a whole new life.


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