A Startling New Life Changer

COME RIDE THE HIGHWAY OF THE HEART: The Truth About Love As Only Poets Can Reveal It

He had 72 hours to to change the president, or be killed trying


The Life He Needed to Save,
Became His Own

This stunning novel holds enormous appeal for:

• Readers looking to escape into an exhilarating psychological thriller.

• Political junkies seeking expert analysis of the psyche of George Bush.

• Self-help aficionados seeking personal insights.

• Recovering alcoholics and their families and friends looking for real insight and help.

• Literary sophisticates who enjoy fine writing and the exploration of big ideas,


New Zealand sleepy town launch for audacious New Yorker's controversy bound memoir


Welcome Rain Publishers selected the illustrious Unity Bookstore in Wellington New Zealand town to launch, on 26th November 2015, John Wareham's audacious schooldays memoir. The work opens on 9-11 /​ 2001 with Wareham standing on Fifth Avenue and watching the blazing Twin Towers topple. It flashes back to childhood rivers of despair in New Zealand, and emotional, intellectual and sexual school-day journeys that ultimately lead to a flood of enlightenment on the streets of Manhattan.

Selected Works

Presses the Memoir Format
‘Brilliant and compelling ... reveals the mind, heart and soul of boyhood ... touched me deeply.’ Brian O’Dea, author, High: Confessions of An International Drug Smuggler
Literary Non Fiction
“Victims abide at both ends of a gun. Bullets fly to the heart and from the heart. Wounds that exist before the pulling of the trigger are the wellspring of crime and the font of redemption.“--John Wareham, Chairman & CEO Eagles Foundation New lives for Old. That’s the lofty mission of the Eagles Prison Program. But is that just a pipe dream? Judge for yourself as maximum security prison inmates share their journeys from innocence to criminality, arrest to bewilderment, conviction to incarceration, despair to hope, defeat to victory, vice to virtue, and lawlessness to love.
A Life Changer Disguised as a Poetry Anthology
A Life Changer for Anyone Trapped in a Love Triangle
A deadly serious, exhilarating first-person psychological thriller destined to command a unique place among the upcoming analyses of the 43rd United States Presidency.
An irreverent novel that exposes with wicked insight and aplomb the strikingly similar hypocrisies that underlie romantic love and modern business. “A literary bonbon that ranks among the finest novels ever.”
--The New York Observer
Shows how individuals from every walk of life become trapped in mental prisons, and reveals precisely how to break free and create the life you were meant to live.
Leadership Psychology
The 13-language reference classic on the psychological makeup and behavior of authentic leaders.
A wise, witty, spellbinding compendium of personality profiles that reveals who wins and who loses in the corporate world, and why.