A Startling New Life Changer


The Life He Needed to Save,
Became His Own

This stunning novel holds enormous appeal for:

• Readers looking to escape into an exhilarating psychological thriller.

• Political junkies seeking expert analysis of the psyche of George Bush.

• Self-help aficionados seeking personal insights.

• Recovering alcoholics and their families and friends looking for real insight and help.

• Literary sophisticates who enjoy fine writing and the exploration of big ideas,


Review by Lorraine Steele, Flatiron Press

'A Wicked Evening of Illicit Love’, the stage adaptation of John Wareham's anthology of 'Sonnets for Sinners', closed with a bang not a whimper. Top kiwi actors delivering sonnets from classic and modern poets, and contemporary celebrities, drew gasps, sighs and outright hilarity, as the production made good on its promise of 'a night of love, laughter and enlightenment'. Passion, poetry and epiphany indeed played out as a literary voyage chronicled sinners' journeys from attraction and fever, to heartbreak, understanding and transformation.

Their public utterances having been artfully distilled into sonnets by playwright John Wareham, a galaxy of contemporary celebrity sinners came to life on stage and to engage with the likes of William Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay.
Vivian Bell as guide and narrator shone a wise and often wickedly witty light into the hearts, minds and nether regions of the sinning sonneteers. Jed Brophy and Isobel McKinnon drew mirth and amusement replaying lines distilled from the infamous unsecured phone call of Prince Charles and Camilla. Alex Greig won plaudits with a range of superb deliveries ranging from Shakespeare on lust, to Tiger Woods on loneliness. Warm applause again punctuated the #metoo line within a Monica Lewinsky sonnet, splendidly delivered by Gail Huff-Brown.

Enlightenment came in a cluster of memorable closings, with the poignant 'Princess Diana Love Sonnet' delivered by Isobel Mebus, 'In my dream inner spring came rising' by Elan Haverford, and 'Down other fields I run," by Chandler Haste.
The audience included chief of the Shakespeare Globe Centre Dawn Sanders, eminent Kiwi playwright Dave Armstrong, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra board member Paul McArthur, and noted Kiwi actor Nick Blake who flew in from Bangkok to catch the show.

In a brief closing, Wareham thanked the audience for attending, praised the actors, and congratulated American Ambassador's wife Gail Huff-Brown for her personal commitment “to step out of my comfort zone and join this outstanding Kiwi cast.” “Way, way out of my comfort zone," Huff-Brown responded with a cheery wave, drawing yet another generous burst of applause. "This is closing night, but only for this first fleeting season," said Wareham: "We'll be back, you can bet your heart on that."

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